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600 BED 



02   /   07   /   2019

Three General Hospital Complexes including Residential and Multi Level Car  Parking are being constructed in Delhi  in the areas of Madipur, Jwalapuri and  Hastsal.
The site  being a compact one, the buildings had to be designed as 12 storey  high. The challenge with this remained  defining multiple entry points such as  that of the Emergency, I.P.D. And O.P.D.  blocks. This was acheived by a circular  triple height glass block protruding out  of the hospital building as the defining  entry point for the visitors.
The building aims to achieve GRIHA
3-star rating and thus is oriented in the  North- South Direction, with cores  facing East-West to minimize heat gain.
Dearc is providing comprehensive design services including coordination with MEP ,Signage ,  Landscape and  structure for Arcop Associates.
The Cost of each Complex is roughly  around 640 Crores.

Stage: Under Construction

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