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Enhance quality of life with inclusive and vibrant street design which is pedestrian and cyclist centric.

The main objective of consultancy services is to

(i) Comprehensive study of Traffic (all modes including Pedestrian/NMT) movement along the corridor/network.

(ii) Propose a comprehensive solution addressing to the need of motorized and pedestrian/NMT traffic based on the MOUD & UTTIPEC policies/ Guidelines.

(iii) Propose a comprehensive solution for on-street and off-street parking ensuring smooth and safe
movement of motorized and pedestrian/NMT traffic.

A total of 70 KM of roads in covered under this project in West Delhi zone.

Dearc is providing comprehensive design services including coordination with MEP ,Signage ,  Landscape , structure , traffic for Arcop Associates.


11   /   06   /   2020

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