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This proposed Entrance Gateway of  Punjab is at the Chandigarh International  Airport. The shape of the Gate is inspired  by the Sword of Maharaja Ranjit Singh,  which represents the Punjabi Spirit of  Courage, Valor , pride and from the  traditional Namaste, which is a  respectful greeting in india.


The Structure was developed in three  levels-

1.Lower Deck Comprises of Punjab  Experience Centre, a multimedia  exhibition charting the state’s rapid  transformation to a thriving modern state,  with fascinating insights on heritage.

2.Upper Deck or the Future Gallery is  accesible through an automated  platform, where visitors are

treated to a cutting-edge presentation at  the Future Gallery, where interactive  projections of future

developments are showcased.

3.Viewing Gallery provides a

36-metre-high viewing platform with  breath-taking view of the airport and the  nearby surroundings.

The Design was Developed for a  Competition by Mohali Development  Authority.

11   /   06   /   2019

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