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Updated: May 16, 2019

“Sharing Economy ” and “Digital Intelligence” by Varun Jain

Digital technologies and connectivity along with Business Innovators backed by Venture Capitalists are coming together and fundamentally changing the way we live, play, work and connect. One such digital revolution is using either underutilized or excess asset by online platforms in a new buzzword called “Sharing Economy”. Extending this concept furtheris by using “Space as a Service” mode by so called Tech start-ups which are now being tacked as new age business in real estate. They are essentially real estate technology companies leveraging technology to offer a new lifestyle.

Few such examples of Tech led “Space as Service” concept are:

1. Home sharing for hosting - Airbnb

2. Co-Working / Co-Living - WeWork

3. Moving and Storing the belongings - Clutter

4. Physical store front for online retailers - B8ta

5. Co-Living –Common, We Live, Open Door

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