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PWD Delhi Hospital Entrance


691 Bed General Hospital
Madipur, Jwalapuri & Hastsal, Delhi
Client  - PWD Govt. of Delhi
Area    - 6.5 lac Sqft
Cost    - 420 Crores Each
Status - Under Construction
Collaboration - ARCOP as Lead Architect I Dearc as Design and Execution Architect

The three hospitals at multiple locations aim to provide quality, accessible and affordable secondary healthcare to the population of Delhi-NCR. Each of the hospital has dedicated General and MCH Emergency and OPD facilities, day care clinics like Derma, Dental, Opthal, Dialysis, PHMR, and ENT along with fully equipped imaging suite

Conceived as a gradient, spaces shift from active to quiet and in the increasing order of infection control as guests ascend within the building. The integration of modularity into the planning will allow the 3 star Griha rated hospitals to flex and adapt over time. 

110 Bed Multi-Specialty Hospital, Uganda
Type    - Multi-Specialty Hospital 
Client  - Norvik Enterprises Ltd
Area    - 1.4 lac Sqft
Cost    -  84 Crores
Status - Design Development

The Vertical Hospital facility will be the first of its kind in the city of Kampala and has the potential to change the narrative of healthcare architecture.


Working within a tight program-to-footprint ratio, the space accommodates fully equipped bed wards and rooms, 25 exam rooms including day clinics, dialysis suite, executive checkup, 24 hr emergency triage and pharmacy access, imaging suite including Cath lab, labs with associated support, and an entire eleventh floor work and dining space for staff and providers. Contemporary façade design reflects the aspirations of the city and its people.